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Experiential adventure programs are one of the most effective means of developing and enhancing teams, groups and organizations of any kind.

Health and Wellness Coach Ontario

Larryland Adventures offers a unique growth experience that utilizes the effectiveness of the hands-on approach.

Programs are able to engage participants in fun challenging activities requiring cooperation, support, teamwork, creative thinking, decision making and communication skills in order to achieve group success. The lessons, awareness, concepts and understanding gained are then able to be taken and utilized in other areas of participants lives.

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Experiential teambuiding and Leadership Development Programs are one of the most effective means for developing and enhancing teams, groups and organizations of any kind. Through participation, individual team members create deeper trusting relationships allowing them to openly communicate, debate and voice opinions. The main goal of teambuilding is to create a truly cohesive synergistic team where members can count on one another.

Investing time into team assessment and teambuiliding creates a competitive advantage within organizations by improving employee morale.

“Corporations have discovered that employee retention and engagement improves as an employee feels a sense of connection in the workplace. Workers or employees who have a connection to a friend at work take fewer sick days, are more engaged and have less chance of leaving the company, therefore greater employee retention”
Dr. Jim Caine, Ph.D.

Teambuilding is about fun, energizing and thought provoking hands-on activities that help participants build relationships, create connections, improve trust, problem solving abilities and teamwork skills, while ridding their team of cliques and improving team commitment and individual accountability.


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Whether inquiries are looking for a corporate wellness package or looking for a team bonding program, programs are curated on an individual needs basis.

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  • Bear HIIT
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What Others Have To Say

Health and Wellness Coach Ontario

  • Health and Wellness Coach Ontario

    With over 140 employees in the school, it’s often difficult to know everyone. [Larry’s] sessions were wonderful in that they broke down barriers, encouraged interaction and promoted communication between staff members in all positions at our school… I would recommend [Larry’s]... Read More

    Deb McNair

    Principal, Northwestern Secondary School

  • Health and Wellness Coach Ontario

    [Larry’s] program provided a healthy mix of experiential activities combined with traditional group based activities. There were many learning outcomes that staff will be able to apply not only in their future day to day activities working in projects or teams, but in their personal lives as well

    Ron Plazier

    Chief Information Officer, Kawartha District School Board

  • Health and Wellness Coach Ontario

    Feedback from everyone was very positive on the day and people were impressed with the quality of the activities and how they brought out the key concepts we were trying to emphasize

    Linda Mitchelson

    City Division Manager, Peterborough Social Services Lead Team Development Retreat