Team Bonding Activities Ontario

Programs - Larryland Adventures

Whether inquiries are looking for a corporate wellness package or looking for a team bonding program, programs are curated on an individual needs basis. After an initial consultation and questionnaire we will work with you to build a program that best fits your needs and goals as an organization.

Goals such as building team camaraderie and enhancing team bonds, growing inter team communication, building trust, enhancing morale and motivation, as well as goals such as addressing interpersonal problems. All these are just a sampling of many positive goals that organizations often wish to achieve.

Programs - Oak’n Den Studios

  • Bear HIIT
  • KIDS (Cubs) YOGA!
  • Yogaflow
  • Yogafit
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Help reduce risk/reverse effects of chronic health conditions - heart disease, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes
  • Evidence is accumulating that HIIT could be an even more effective option than lower-intensity exercise.." - Human Kinetics

This full body class is designed with the use of body weight and resistance, to increase the heart rate and improve cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular toning, endurance, power and body composition.

This class is not recommended for the light at heart
Get ready to Bear down and Bear It!

Bring all the benefits of yoga for the mind, body and spirit to our most precious treasures, and future resources, in this Wild World.


  • Left - Right brain engagement
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Focus
  • Self regulation
  • Self confidence
  • Social awareness
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Mood enhancing

Classes include breath work, postures, song, meditation, movement, crafts, senses awareness, and Fun!

Using the practice of Hatha Yoga, this class focuses on flows designed to work with the breath to create more 'space' within the mind and body.

Poses and flows help to increase flexibility and muscular endurance, while using breath to improve mental focus, awareness, strength a d nervous system re-programming.

Practice of Hatha yoga, designed with 3 "Mountains" that follow a traditional exercise format.

Yogafit increases the physical and mental self, working with the breath through progressive flows and asanas (poses) to increase muscular and mental strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Each class begins and closes with Savasana to prepare for, and then to integrate the benefits of yoga work into the Central Nervous System.

Team Bonding Activities Ontario